About Us



“To Educate and uplift the career and Future Prospects of all our students especially from middle class families in terms of providing them with excellent educational opportunities overseas to hone their skills, inherent capabilities and broaden horizons across the GLOBE”


As John Ruskin has rightly said, “We believe in quality and not quantity…”

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of an intelligent effort.”

Ananya Overseas Education, since its inception twelve years ago, has always cherished the goal of counselling students and providing them with right choices for world class education as per their needs.

We counsel our students and their parents with personalized attention, and guide them through the various processes of admissions, selection of universities, applications, visa processing, accommodations etc.

Change Is the Only Constant and Ananya Overseas firmly believes in it and has defined set processes to constantly update themselves with the developments and changes in the rules and regulations of the educational domain.

With a rich experience of over twelve years, we have been successful in understanding the psyche of the students in terms of their career paths, their strengths, aptitudes and interests based upon which we invest our efforts in tailoring right kinds of Courses and Universities that are both, rich in content and economical.

Finance plays a crucial role and is an integral part of studies abroad. We also assist students in the process of arranging Finances/Loans from various financial institutions. Moreover we also guide them with various available economical options.

Currently our offerings cover prestigious universities in the following countries: