Visa assistance

Visa procedure is one of the most complicated processes in the journey of your study-abroad. Sit back and relax! We at ananya overseas will make it a cake-walk for you!

It is very necessary for us as counselors to provide you with an in depth understanding of all visa rules and regulations, every step of the way.  Visa assistance is given right from the first day of counselling. One of our most important (and amazing) feature is that we aid students to obtain bank loans for their study abroad. Questions such as how much time the student has left, visa interviews, money required for the procedure. All of these and more queries are sorted by us in no time so that our students are prepared with important documents like their financial assessments in terms of money required for university fees, visa criterias of other countries , etc.

We prepare and help students in entire

1) Visa process,

2) Filling up applications,

3) Perparing financial statements

4) Aid to obtain bank loans

5) Guidance and training for mock interviews.